HughesNet Canceled!

I canceled Hughesnet today, YEAH! Never again, I would choose dial-up over Hughesnet if I had to make that choice again.

HughesNet Never Again!

I get these consistent results with every test no matter the time of day or weather. I will post the results of my call to cancel HughesNet and that will probably be my last post on this website since I will no longer be a HughesNet customer. result result

T1 vs HughesNet

I ran a ping test to and The difference between the T1 and HughesNet can be seen in the screen capture images below.



The numbers that make a huge difference are “Packets Lost” and “Response time Average”. Total packet loss on HughesNet was 169 of 4686, total packet loss on T1 was 5 of 4933. Average response time on HughesNet was 711.5ms, on T1 it was 39ms. If you don’t know what these numbers mean, the bottom line is, accessing the Internet with HughesNet is a frustrating and unreliable experience.

A Real Internet Connection!

I was starting to think the Internet was just getting all slow and messed up. Turns out it was all HughesNet! Now that my T1 is up and running, I can really say, HUGHESNET REALLY SUCKS! I could list about 50 web sites that I thought had really slow servers, but again, it was HughesNet. I’m just not going to waste anymore time explaining how bad HughesNet is. Now we’ll see how much of an issue it is to cancel.  I LOOK FORWARD TO CANCELING HUGHESNET!

T1 Circuit Installed

Surprise, Surprise! AT&T showed up and installed my T1 circuit on the day they promised. I guess if you’re going to pay over $250.00 a month, they will give you what they promised. The tech tested it and said all looks good. Covad is going to configure the T1 router and get my service up and running on Monday, October 4th.