Why HughesNet Is So Slow? And Why It’s My Problem.

Why is HughesNet Internet so slow? I have theory why. I don’t have any facts to back it up but I have done a lot of online research and come to this conclusion. HughesNet is having problems with some of the older satellites that it uses for it’s service and a lot of their customers’ dishes are still pointed to the failing satellites. As the problem with the satellites gets worse the service gets slower and slower. They would like to move all the older customers to the newer satellites. Unfortunately it’s not so easy, and it would cost HughesNet a lot of money. The customers’ dishes need to be realigned and I believe the new satellites are on a different frequency or band that requires replacing the customers modem. So how does HughesNet do this without admitting fault and spending tons of money to accomplish this.

Here’s how and here’s how HughesNet makes it my problem. When the customer calls tech support in India to complain, the representative is instructed to tell me, the customer, that my equipment is broken (see my post The Tech Support Call That Started This Website), and it requires they send a technician to my house at a cost of $125.00 to fix my broken equipment. The repair technician is instructed to tell the customer there is a problem with the modem and it needs to be replaced, at my cost of course. Probably $300.00 or so for a new modem, I’m guessing at the cost based on what they wanted to charge me to replace my original modem that failed during a nasty electrical storm 2 years ago. The helpful technician will as a favor to the customer, realign the dish to acquire a better signal, which will point the dish to the newer satellite. And now the customer has the proper equipment and aligned dish to use the new satellite at their own cost and HughesNet has probably made a bit of profit from this “repair” as well.

So your average unsuspecting customer will agree to all of this and not knowing any better will pay to fix HughesNet’s problem. I’m not one of those customers and will ask again, why does my equipment magically repair itself during offpeak hours? And I’m not the only customer that this happens to, read the comment left by The GhostPony on the post The Tech Support Call That Started This Website.

    • karen
    • August 21st, 2012

    It does stink as I can’t even watch you tube! There is technology out there that is 10 times faster anyway-going to switch.

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