HughesNet Response To My BBB Complaint

Today I received an email from HughesNet Executive Customer Care. I assume that this is in response to my complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau of Washington D.C., I am assuming this, since there was no mention in the email why they were sending it.

Here is the email with the names removed:

Dear Mr. my name was here:

Our subscriber agreement contains specific language
> advising our customers that we do not guarantee minimum speeds.  “HNS
> However, we would like to offer to move you to our KA service which we hope will meet your expectations
> especially during peak hours.  Hughes will cover the cost to install the new
> equipment (HN9000 modemn and new dish) without commitment.  We cannot
> guarantee that the new service will meet your expectations and if you choose
> the offer we cannot move you back to the KU service you are currently on.
> Majority of the customers who have upgraded to the new service say they
> have seen a major improvement in the performance of their service.  Your service fee will stay the same monthly. Please email me with any additional concerns about the installation or your service.  If your dish is not currently on a pole mount nonstandard installations charges may apply (approx 125.00) that would have to be paid directly to the installer for his labor.

Please send a reply with your decision.
> We value you as a customer,
>customer service rep name was here

> executive customer care

This is the exact format the email was sent in and in my opinion is very unprofessional and shows a lack of concern for their customers. That aside I’m very happy that I will be getting new equipment free of charge. If you have read my post “Why HughesNet Is So Slow? And Why It’s My Problem“, you will see that my assumptions were fairly accurate.

Below is my response to HughesNet Executive Customer Care:

customer service rep name was here,

I do understand that your company does not guarantee any minimum speeds, but the fact that my service during peak hours is often well below dial-up speeds is unacceptable. I will accept your offer to install the new equipment at no cost to me, and no additional service commitment. My dish is currently installed on a pole. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,
my name and contact info was here

I will wait patiently for their reply and post something when I receive it.

    • LindaF
    • July 8th, 2016

    I totally understand ! I’m so aggravated with them. I had them at a 2nd story apt (dish was put on roof of a 3story building). I had to cancel the service after 6months. They told me I have to return the transmitter from the dish. Good Lord I am 60 and will NOT be climbing a 3story building. They new this at installation.
    I have repeatedly called to have them send me a return box to send them back the in house stuff. But they keep sending me new equipment! Now I’m being billed for new account set up. HELP
    Is everyone at customer care morons???? When you ask for someone that speaks English you get out of country rep, broken English that only answers with “hold on 90 seconds” no resolution at all.

    • Courtney
    • October 10th, 2012

    I need to get out of Hughes net. Ten agonizing months and I can not take one more day. How do I get out without paying the rediculous fee. And does me being not of legal age to sign a contract help any. I need advice!

    • CaroleB
    • October 2nd, 2012

    I have been trying to download update to iphone IOS6. It is a large update. 888 mb. Last time I had to go to a friends house to use their internet because hughesnet kept timing out. Now this update is out and so far, I have tried doing this at night; doing this at several times during the day and have now used 4 or 5 complimentary restore tokens. Still timing out. So now the collection of restore tokens is gone, my update still fails and for 79.00 per month for mid grade service I am so disappointed that I will NEVER recommend hughesnet to anyone. I will be sure to tell them that dial up is better because it is. I have been ripped off by your substandard service and I cannot do simple updates to my phone. The only reason I have hughesnet, and I do mean the ONLY reason, is because as of yet, no other providers can get a signal here, but I assure you that I will find someone somewhere that can give me better service than this if I have to let them put a tower somewhere on this 26 acres. I feel cheated. Lost my restore tokens and still can’t update and even on a normal day it is a matter of CLICK and WAIT, like dial up. You should be ashamed to advertise your amazing speed on commercials. It’s horrible! I expect to hear from a supervisor or someone higher up in this company to explain to this Computer Technician WHY your service is that bad for that price! I should get a complimentary 4 months of your fastest speed since I have used up 4 months of tokens and am still in the same spot I was before. I will posting reviews of hughesnet wherever I can on the internet to warn people. Lousy service and extremely high prices for it. I will posting reviews of hughesnet wherever I can on the internet to warn people. Lousy service and extremely high prices for it.

    I was also told I would get a refund of 199.00 for installation after six months of service. I am in a 2 year contract with 13 months left and have never seen this 199.00. I am on auto pay so don’t tell me I have been late, because I have not.

    I also received something in the mail several months ago stating that my download allowance was doubled, yet mine still shows 350 mb. I do not expect a service call for repair or upgrade with a fee attached to it. You have gotten plenty of my money now it’s time to give real service.

      • Administrator
      • December 10th, 2012


      I do not work for or represent HughesNet. I agree with everything you say and would contact HughesNet, demand a refund and switch to dial-up.

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